why us?

It's simple really. An average design company can provide you with graphics for your company. A good design company can do the same. A great design company, however, can help you rule the world. At Another Design Co., we like to lean toward ruling the world.

Credentials matter. Credentials speak to success. Credentials are the stripes one has earned through innovation and hard work. When choosing a design company, credentials are paralleled only by verity.

At Another Design Co., we pride ourselves on being a design company you can sit down with and talk to face to face. We listen to your needs and show you work—that you can hold in your hands—which is a tremendous advantage over the endless parade of online, virtual graphic designer robots.

We hope to meet with you (in person) soon to discuss your next project.

why a professional?

Pro-fes-sion-al: Relating to a job that requires special education, training, or skill done or given by a person who works in a particular profession.

Let's cut right to the chase. We all know that "brother's, friend's, mom's, cousin" who messes around with graphics programs and may have made a cool birthday party invite or lost dog flyer, but that doesn't make them a skilled, trained, professional designer. That said, why would you ever trust a non-professional with one of the most important aspects of your business? Is it the cost? Is it the time? To be direct, over time, an inexperienced designer will hurt you more than help and eventually cost you much more than the price of getting professional work done from the start. Good design is an investment, not an expenditure.

Professional design studios invest time and money into their craft, making sure they have the right tools, the knowledge and the education to do the job. Factor in creative talent and experience and look out!

why worth the time?

The hourly cost of a designer should be based on four things: talent, experience, knowledge and equipment. Unfortunately, many companies disguise themselves as professionals by having hourly rates on par with designers who bring actual credentials to the table. Choose a company that builds its reputation through satisfied clients rather than a lot of big talk. Your business deserves respect and Another Design Co. delivers it.