it's all about you

Graphic Design is one of the most underestimated needs for a business. Having the right stuff inside the walls of your company does not always show on the outside.

With the right design, you can attract potential customers. Let's take a for instance. When you are shopping for a car, you drive by a dealership or look online and what stops you to find out more? Could be the color, the shape, maybe the wheels? Whatever it is that stood out, the look is what drew you in.

The same principle holds true for your business image. You need to appeal to potential customers. Sometimes this means you may have to do it in a way that might not be your style, though. Remember, you are like the dealership trying to sell that car—to satisfy another's needs. This is where Another Design Co. can help you make these difficult decisions easier. We help by looking at your business with customer's eye and designing so that your customers can better see what you have on the inside. In the end, it really is all about you!

it's all about me

Another Design Co. was established in 2003. The vision was to have a design company that would emphasize "design" in the meaning of "graphic design".

With the availability to try and learn graphic design skills from quick YouTube tutorials or a DVD, the design industry has been getting flooded with individuals who mistakenly call themselves "graphic designers", when they actually have no industry knowledge or artistic ability at all. This has resulted in a water downed industry that has many companies contracting with nonprofessionals who are hurting their clients rather than helping.

Another Design Co. has nearly 20 years in the commercial design industry and over two decades in the visual arts. We have the skills and industry knowledge to give your company the creative edge in your marketing.

Custom. Just for you. Every time.